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Acme United Corporation Selects Outtech for Sales & Marketing Partnership

Aurora, OH – Outtech Sales Services, an outdoor industry leader in sales and marketing, is pleased to announce their partnership with Acme United Corporation and their First Aid Only® and DMT® Sharpeners brands.


For over 150 years, Acme United Corporation, has been a leading worldwide supplier of innovative cutting, measuring, first aid and sharpening products to the school, home, office, hardware, sporting goods and industrial markets with operations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


First Aid Only® is the trusted provider of cost effective first aid solutions for individuals and businesses in every industry no matter how big or small. They have been helping businesses stay in compliance with federally mandated first aid and safety regulations since 1988. First Aid Only® offers a full line of first aid kits, cabinets, and stations, emergency response care, individual first aid products, spill clean-up kits, CPR care and more for both business and personal safety needs. First Aid Only® is proud to assemble its first aid kits in the USA.


Since the early 1800s, Pac-Kit Medical, a pioneer in first aid technology, has been the trusted choice of explorers like Theodore Roosevelt, conquering new frontiers across continents with its resilient first aid kits and supplies. Rooted in exploration and innovation, Pac-Kit Medical has remained a beacon of first aid excellence throughout the 19th century and beyond. Now, with a strong retail presence, Pac-Kit continues to serve the outdoor market, ensuring adventurers have access to reliable first aid solutions wherever their journeys take them.

Since 1976, DMT® Diamond Machining Technology has been the leader in, and innovator of, a full range of diamond sharpening products that are dependable and solve a multitude of sharpening, honing or deburring needs. DMT®’s patented and award-winning products are known for their superior quality and versatility, are easy to use and allow for sharpening in a fraction of the time required by other methods. DMT® products are popular with woodworkers, chefs and gardeners, in the kitchen, workshop or tool room, or to take camping, hiking, skiing, hunting and fishing.


John Seliga, President of Outtech Sales Services, expressed his enthusiastic endorsement for the partnership between the Outtech team and Acme United Corporation, affirming, "There's no doubt that these individuals are leading the way in their category. We see this collaboration as a tremendous opportunity to boost our retailers' sales by introducing new product offerings in these dynamic categories."


Mike Donigian, Vice President of Sales for Acme United Corporation, “I am extremely excited to be partnering with Outtech.  Their knowledge of the Outdoor Industry is second to none.  We look forward to working closely with them as we expand our customer base.”

ABOUT ACME UNITED CORPORATION Acme United Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier of innovative safety solutions and cutting technology to the school, home, office, hardware, sporting goods and industrial markets. Its leading brands include First Aid Only®, First Aid Central®, PhysiciansCare®, Pac-Kit®, Spill Magic®, Westcott®, Clauss®, Camillus®, Cuda®, DMT®, Med-Nap and Safety Made. For more information, visit



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